We make it our business

to help you use Kanban confidently.

We are not in the business of mass production of low-quality certified professionals.
We are in the business of maximizing learning. We succeed when the learners can practice what they've learned with confidence in their work.

Develop Your Skill

Start differentiating yourself from the crowd. Be a better 21st century knowledge work manager. And have real impact to your organisation.

Pay in instalments

We can work with you to draft an instalment payment plan. We understand that the investment could be significant for some of us.

Upskill Your Team

The best results come when team members participate in Kanban method training together. They can apply what they've learned immediately and congruently, and you get discount. Let's talk.

Fair Price Policy

Students participating from countries with lower-cost economies now benefit from our reduced pricing. Download Fair Pricing Rates pdf to find the level of reduction we offer based on your country of residence. 

Certified Courses

Explore all Kanban method certifications and training. From foundations to advanced levels.

Book a Free Consultation

Have questions? Contact us or book a free consultation to answer all your questions about the Kanban method or its training.

Some of the companies that we helped, and their staff took our trainings

Accredited Kanban Trainer and Consultant

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All our public and private kanban training workshops are accredited by Kanban University (KU).

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