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LearnKanban.cz was founded by Kaveh Kalantar H. who brings over 18 years of experience in organization-wide continuous improvement, service and product management, and excellent solution delivery. 


As the only Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC)Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and Certified Kanban Coach (KCP) in Prague, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic from Kanban University (KU); Kaveh provides accredited Kanban method trainings and high-quality Kanban coaching to individuals and organizations.


Kaveh provides 5 foundation and advanced Kanban courses as well as various tailored Lean-Agile trainings to leaders, managers and contributors. 

Learn more about globally recognized Kanban Certifications and Credentials, here. 

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Should you need management consultation or coaching, please feel free to get in touch at kaveh@kanbanconsultancy.com

And if you want to know more about Kaveh's career story, experience and credentials; check here.

Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC) - Kaveh Kalantar Hormozi - Prague, Czech Republic.
Kanban Coaching Professionl (KCP) - Kaveh Kalantar Hormozi - Prague, Czech Republic.
"In brief, Kaveh is the best agile and leadership coach I've had so far the luck to work with. His views on agile are encompassing the whole company, with special stress on the organization's culture: from shaping better leaders to enabling people's accountability, growth and ultimately happiness. His unique passion for coaching directly translates into an effective and fast improvement curve for the teams he works with."

Paolo Lacche, Product Management Coach and Researcher


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Email: support@learnkanban.cz

Phone: +420 733 425 375
Address: Belehradska 858/23, Prague 120 00, Czech Republic

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