Screenshot%202020-09-09%20at%2015.57_edi was founded by Kaveh Kalantar H., who brings over two decades of experience in service and product management, excellent solution delivery, and organization-wide continuous improvement. 


Kaveh is the only Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC), Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT), and Certified Kanban Coach (KCP) in Prague, Czech Republic, and the Slovak Republic. All Kanban method courses taught by Kaveh are accredited and certified.


Nevertheless, at, we are all about the real learning experience. We want to make sure that you can use your new skills at work with absolute confidence. If we can do that, then we are successful. Therefore, you can be sure about the quality of the service you receive.


We provide five foundation and advanced Kanban method courses and various tailored Lean-Agile training to leaders, managers, and individual contributors. 

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And if you want to know more about Kaveh's career story, experience, and credentials, please read below. 

About Kaveh Kalantar H.

The beginning 

Want to hear more about my career story?
Pour yourself a drink, because you're in for a wild ride. Since late 90s , I've been involved in building digital products and solutions (both B2B and B2C) for companies of all sizes, from technology startups to mid-size consulting agencies to multibillion-dollar corporations. My career began with a technical focus — I designed and wrote code for an enterprise n-tier client-server accounting application as part of a Management Information Systems (MIS) for a sizeable high-pressure oil pipe manufacturer. During the same time, I started to manage a group of onsite and offsite programmers and technicians at my newly formed startup company.


And I began to learn what it takes to lead a group of people to solve customers' problems while trying to reach our desired business outcomes.

On Product Management 

I'm no one-trick pony, though. I've taken on nearly every type of role with my startup experiences and developed a well-stocked toolbox of skills. As a startup product manager, I've done everything from customer interviews and design to sales and marketing, product launches, and overseeing financials and metrics and the whole product development processes.

On methods

Back when I was programming, I practiced highly adaptive and agile techniques. When managing multiple product teams, I used lean/agile decision and process frameworks such as XP, Scrum, and Disciplined Agile. And when designing and operating a service business organization, I applied modern management methods like Kanban Method. When I ran a startup or when I helped the product team of a large corporation, I used frameworks such as fit for purpose, Jobs to be done, business model and value proposition canvas and various other discovery techniques extensively to not only identify customer's needs but also decide how to measure them and how to satisfy those needs better than the competition. 

On management and consulting

I've led a wide range of technical and non-technical roles throughout my career, from network cable technicians to copywriters, creative directors, and hardcore technical engineers (to name a few). I've worked with co-located, distributed, dispersed, and remote teams to solve problems and build excellent solutions. I also helped my consulting clients establish management models and governance structures to keep their people satisfied and increase the retention rate. I've mentored, coached, and trained contributors and leaders of one of the largest building material manufacturers, transforming their company into a digital customer-centric organization with enterprise agility capability. To put it simply, I help companies improve their ways of working and create long term security.

It's never been just the Kaveh's show, though. I've always been focused on learning quickly and distilling that learning so I could share these practices and principles with my direct reports, peers, managers, and later on with my consulting clients. As a manager, I focus on collaborating, partnering, guiding, mentoring, coaching, and, when necessary, directing my team, so we reach our desired outcome together more quickly.

My core principle

Over the years, I've learned that to manage a team or an organization or a product more effectively, one should start from discovering and understanding the needs and purpose of those one serves - such as employees, customers, owners, and stakeholders - before anything else. After understanding needs, then it is crucial to identify the obstacles and risks on the way to fulfill those needs. The practice of continuous observation, orientation, and deliberate alignment and ongoing conversation is the third essential element of successfully leading teams, organizations, or products that I learned from my experiences and studies.

So what does it all mean?

All these varied roles, projects, products, and credentials have helped me learn and experience all possible ways of managing myself, my company, or my team's work more efficiently. They have also helped me learn how to identify, understand, and respond to needs more effectively. I'm here to help you reach your desired outcome more quickly with evidence-based, actionable guidance you can apply with minimal risk.