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Fair Pricing Policy

If our online training price is too high, based on the relative cost of living in your country, we now have a fair pricing policy to make our training more affordable.

Students participating from countries with lower-cost economies now benefit from our reduced pricing. Download Fair Pricing Rates pdf to find the level of reduction we offer based on your country of residence. 

To calculate the appropriate price reduction level, we have used a technique from economics called purchasing power parity (PPP). We operate from Czechia, Prague; therefore, Our prices are naturally lower than other nations with higher PPP (e.g., Germany, Austria, UK, USA). Nevertheless, we adjust our prices for countries with lower PPP compare to Czechia.


Price reductions are not added automatically during checkout, and when booking our training online, please contact us so we can apply the appropriate price reduction for you. If you don't see your country listed in the pdf, please contact us for a quotation.

Kanban Training Fair Pricing Policy based on Purchase Parity
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