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The most thorough Kanban Management Professional training program in the world.

This program is for people serious about building modern management skills, and are ready to put in the effort it takes to manage with competence and lead with confidence.

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Some of the companies that we helped or their staff took our Kanban Management Professional (KMP) trainings

How much did you learn attending a 2-day Agile certification class?

There is a high chance that you have attended an Agile online or an in-person course before. Yes, one of those 2-days classes with certification or one of those 5 days (3 hours per day) online courses. Think about that course ...

  • How much did you truly learn?

  • How confident were you practicing what you've learned at your work? or How successful were you applying what you've learned?

  • While you were applying your learnings to real-life situations, how much feedback and guidance did you receive from your trainer?

  • Did you have a chance to learn from others' mistakes? or you had to learn only from your own mistakes? Didn't you wish somebody would guide you after the class, So you could reduce some of the mistakes?

  • Did you have a chance to share what you learned with others in a safe environment throughout your journey after the class?

  • Were you able to teach others what you've learned? Do you know how much teaching helps you with learning? hint: a lot.

  • Did you follow the reading recommendations that the trainer gave you? How many of those books and articles, that the trainer recommended you have you actually read? And from the ones you have read what new things you learned? And were you able to apply them to your needs?

  • How much of the presentations that the trainer gave you do you remember? Didn’t you wish to record the trainer during the presentation, so you could listen to him/her again - just to remember what she/he said about a specific topic?

What is important for you?

For some people, the main objective is to get a certificate in a couple of days. But many of our program participants told us that their chief aim is

 ... to apply the learnings from the program at their work with confidence, while making a positive impact on their surroundings.

If that is also your desired outcome, We love to talk to you and have you in our classes. Of course, You will receive valuable certificates for your effort too. But, you must work for it to earn it. You deserve to receive a certificate that proves you have the knowledge, capability, and the necessary skills to use the Kanban method appropriately. right?

We'll help you all the way during your learning journey, So you practice what you learn at your work with absolute confidence.

  1. We know how you prefer to learn, and we know how long it really takes to master something and have confidence in it. 

  2. We are three experienced and accredited Kanban method trainers, and we practice what we teach ourselves. 

  3. Most importantly, we designed a "program" that guarantees success. We will be with you all the way to make sure of it. 

A program designed to develop true Kanban management professionals, That is Why our training is the best in the world.

In this program, we will go through a journey together for 6 months. During this time, you will meet with your trainer and coach multi times a month:

  • Two times a month, you will meet with your trainer & coach one-on-one for one hour. The purpose of the 1:1 is to help you with your journey in learning and using the method. So, you can bring questions related to the course or even related to your actual work, and real-life issues you have using the Kanban method. 

  • Also, you will meet with your fellow learners and trainers twice a month each for 3 hours. During these sessions, you will work on simulations, group exercises, Case Study reviews, deep dive in some of the lectures, intract with guest lecturers and many more.

In addition to above two live sessions:

  • You will have access to the community of fellow learners and experienced professionals, where you can ask questions or get feedback immediately - via Slack. 

  • We will also invite experienced practitioners as guest lectures to share their experiences and answer your questions. Our guest lectures are technology managers or C-Level individuals who practice the Kanban method to manage their organization. 

How about course materials?

  • You will have full access to training materials for 12 months.

  • You will have access to video recordings from the trainers who will explain to you different concepts. You can watch them as many times as you want and ask questions during live sessions or through community Slack. 

  • During this period, you will also have a chance to review on your own and with your group 12 Case Studies from a variety of industries. We believe these case studies will give you additional practical examples and invaluable learnings. 

  • You will be recommended Articles and books to read. During this time, you will have the chance to read and discuss their practicality at your 1:1 or group live sessions with trainers and fellow learners. 

Flexible but Rigid Learning Plan

We understand that all our program participants have different commitments at work and personal life. Therefore, we crafted a learning plan that is concrete, yet it is flexible and adjustable. This will allow you to meet your other commitments while working hard to master modern managemnt with Kanban method. Below calendar is an example and not the actual dates. It illustrate how often you will have 1:1 sessions and Group Live sessions. Between these 1:1 and Group Live sesison, you have time to do excercises, read case studies, watch video lectures and more. 

Certificates and Credential 


You deserve a high-quality certificate. Therefore; ​

  • Afterter 3 months you will receive the Kanban System Design (KSD) certificate

  • After 6 months: Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential and 21st Century Management Certificate of Confidence.


All certificates are signed by all of us, 3 Accredited certified Kanban trainers. 

Meet Your Trainer and Coaches

Abraham C. C. Aguilar

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Business Agility Coach

Kaveh Kalantar H.

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Accredited Kanban Consultant

Radek Orszewski

Accredited Kanban Trainer

Lean-Agile Coach

There are limited seats available. Apply today and resevre your seat.

Kanban Management Professional Program Learning Outcomes

Course 1: Kanban System Design (KSD) 

You will learn how to use Kanban method elements to improve a Service, and you will also learn how to design a service and how to discover one starting from Customer needs to needs fulfilled. To do that, you will use a powerful coaching technique, called STATIK to take advantage of several bodies of knowledge; such as System Thinking, Lean Thinking, Information Theory, Queueing Theory, Complexity Theory, Probability and Statistics, Service Design; to analyze and improve any service within the organization. 


After this course, you will be able to 

  • Explain Kanban Agenda and motivation behind the Kanban method, and decide where to use Kanban to get the most impact. 

  • Handle interruptions and how to handle multi competing works that go through the system without having the negative effect of multitasking at individual, team and organizational level. 

  • Decide when to not use Push System and Resource Utilisation and instead when to take advantage of Pull Systems and Flow Efficiency of work. 

  • Strategically set Work-in-Process Limits (WIP Limit) at the right place to get the most benefits, such as getting to pull or increase throughput or reduce lead time.

  • Manage WIP Limits to achieve the desired outcome; whether it is to accelerate throughput or shortening lead time, causing more collaboration or increasing delivery predictability.

  • Design service level feedback loops to coordinate work better, make the right improvements decision, and meet customers' need more effectively. 

  • Design necessary information radiators and visualization to capture work, its state, risks and the health of the system and reduce dark matters.

  • Make faster and better decisions with the right visualization and metrics.

  • Manage incoming work effectively based on their risks, urgencies and priorities through techniques such as Class of Service and Work Type definition.

  • See the organization as a network of services, and recognize the elements that govern the performance of those services via deep dive into the System Thinking Approach in Implementing Kanban (STATIK) coaching technique. 

Course 2: Kanban System Improvement (KSI)

You will learn how to streamline upstream and downstream flows of work, manage knowledge work more efficiently, improve service delivery, and create greater customer satisfaction. 


Here are some of the outcomes and objectives of KSI class:

  • Dive deeper into the evolutionary change management principles, and use them effectively to manage resistance to change.

  • Use Kanban method to manage work across your enterprise. Horizontally, between service providers; Vertically at different levels of the organization - from strategy to individual deliverables. 

  • Explore the depth of Kanban general practices, and apply them to manage end-to-end service delivery - from customer needs at upstream to needs met at downstream. 

  • Design Kanban Cadences and Feedback loops for one or multi-services to create centralized coordination and decentralized control. 

  • Use strategies such as Shaping Demand, Risk-based Replenishment, Blocker Clustering, Disruption and Dependency Handling, Constraint Management to improve Service capability. 

  • Use distribution and Weibull shapes to analyze service delivery characteristics, and make a better risk management decision.

Who is this program designed for?

Kanban Management Professional program is designed for managers (technical or non-technical) as well as individual contributors and anyone wanting to continuously improve his or her organization to reach outcomes and capabilities such as:

  • Relief your organization from overburdening

  • Increase transparency, Trust, and work satisfaction. 

  • More Satisfied Customer and Employees 

  • Improved and more Predictable Service Delivery

  • Higher enterprise and business agility 

  • Improved workforce flexibility 

  • More organizational congruence 


Managers: C-Level executives, Directors, Business Unit Managers, People Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Technical Directors, Heads of PMO, Heads of Product, Engineering Managers, Team Leaders.


Individual Contributors: Software Engineers, QA Specialists, Release Managers, Project Managers, Portfolio or Program Managers, Project Governance auditors and process engineers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Product Managers.


Equipped with this guidance from KSD and KSI courses, you will be able to reach all the outcomes mentioned above and more. 

"In brief, Kaveh is the best agile and leadership coach I've had so far the luck to work with. His views on agile are encompassing the whole company, with special stress on the organization's culture: from shaping better leaders to enabling people's accountability, growth and ultimately happiness. His unique passion for coaching directly translates into an effective and fast improvement curve for the teams he works with."

Paolo Lacche, Product Management Coach and Researcher