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My approach to coaching acknowledges that, in a corporate setting, this is a trilateral relationship between someone setting an agenda for improvement (the "client"), a group of actors in charge of introducing such improvements (the "primary coachees"), and a consultant providing pragmatic guidance (the "coach"). I work with your organisation to identify all those players, help them co-create the agenda for change, and then support them on their journey, as they take responsibility for their own improvement.

  • I accompany you as a non-judgmental companion.

  • I do not preach, nor evangelise, nor advocate a method or mindset or way of thinking.

  • I follow the "Start from where you are and evolve from there" principle.

  • Therefore, our work together will have minimum disruption to current way of working, and less resistance.

  • We start our journey by agreeing on the outcomes, and discover the incremental steps together along the way. 

Accredited Kanban Trainer, Accredited Kanban Consultant and Certified Coach

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