Are you seeking pragmatic and actionable advice?


Often times, you just need a trusted advisor that can help you see your reality from a different point of view, bounce ideas, and offer novel options for action.


Guided by an understanding of your unique culture, and a systemic lens to interpret your delivery systems, We can offer pragmatic, actionable advice on effective ways to manage the delivery of services to your internal and external customers.

As the only Accredited Kanban Consultant and AgendaShift Authorized partner in Czechia and Slovakia. I guarantee:


  • No wishful thinking consultation. 

  • Only pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based, safe to try advice.

  • Guidance that increases the agility of your organisation at various levels of scale - from the individual and team levels all the way up to the portfolio and enterprise levels

  • Advice that follows a consistent set of principles, but at the same time is tailored to your culture, and also specific levels of scale and maturity.

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Kaveh Kalantar Hormozi - Accredited Kanban Consultant - Prague, Czech Repblic.

Some of the companies Kaveh Kalantar H.  helped 

Accredited Kanban Trainer and Consultant

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All our public and private kanban training workshops are accredited by Kanban University (KU).

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