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Privacy, security and usage policies

We try to keep this simple:


1) We use cookies to support the sign-in process. To help us improve our service we also use cookies to allow us to analyse site usage patterns via 3rd party tools (Google Analytics in particular). Should we decide to extend our use of cookies we will let our account holders know.

Google Analytics serves to evaluate customer behavior on our website. The user is only rated based on cookies. No other data is used, which ensures the user's anonymity. You can restrict or prevent this tool from being used in the "Ads Preferences" menu here: Google Privacy and Terms of Service can be found here:

We also run advertising on Facebook. And use the analytic tools of Facebook for measuring the effectiveness of marketing online communication and for more effective targeting of online advertising on Facebook. More information here:


2) SSL everywhere: you'll notice that all our URLs have the 'https' prefix, indicating that all traffic between your browser and our servers is encrypted. 


3) To create an account you'll need to give your full name, your email address, and a password of your choosing. In subsequent visits you will sign in with your email address and password. We expect you to give your real name but are prepared to make exceptions in cases of genuine need. We may need to capture additional personal data for billing purposes; we undertake to capture only the minimum necessary.


4) When contacting us via contact form, we ask for your Name, Email and Phone so we can reply to you easily and resolve your request. We never sign you up for any newsletter or marketing email without your consent. 


5) We never store passwords in plain text. We use encryption to secure your password; we don't have the means to recover your password, and neither should the bad guys if you choose and manage your passwords sensibly. We expect you not to share your password with anyone else.

Private data stays that way. We may incorporate your data in broad statistical summaries but not so that it could be attributed to you or your organization. We won't look at the detail except at your invitation or in the event that abuse is suspected.


6) Copyright on templates and other content stays with their respective creators. Unless otherwise stated, such content is provided for use within the LeanKanban.Coach patform only. Explicit permission must be sought if you wish to use content in other ways.


7) We built to share Kanban method knowledge and promote our training. We reserve the right to investigate and suspend or exclude content or users that detracts from that mission. We would encourage you to report any abuses to us. (this applies especially to site member who are reading our articles)


Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at or via our contact page.

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